Deluxe Arabian Gents Tailors


Deluxe Arabian Gents Tailors was founded in 1966 in Abu Dhabi by Mr. Muhammad Dad Muhammad. In 1984 it was handed over to Mr. Muhammad Nasir Sher Muhammad & Mr. Umaid Ali Sher Muhammad. Over the time it grew to 29 branches with 21 branches in UAE and 8 branches in Oman. Deluxe Arabian Gents Tailors has now over 800+ employees and 100,000+ regular customers. It specializes in Emirati, Kuwaiti, Arabic, Omani, Gattari, Saudi and Jalabi gents dresses.



Family tradition

Deluxe Arabian Gents Tailors is not just a business for us. It is a family tradition. We have dedicated our entire life to this and are proud of the success achieved in last 6 decades.

We are thankful to Almighty Allah for blessing us with honor, love, respect and success along this long journey.


We love clothes

To understand the quality and beauty of a fabric, tenderness and impression of the clothes, you need to love it first. People who love good clothing can understand the aesthetics of a fabric.

We are proud of our customers and clients who appreciate our quality work.